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TheDeep SoulWork Retreat

Varanasi, India

January 18th through the 26th


TheDeep SoulWork Retreat

Nine Life-Changing Days

Under the counsel and guidance of

Michael Dove

Sound Therapy

What is The Deep SoulWork Retreat?

Is a powerful retreat. It is designed to address the needs of the soul at its most fundamental level. And to help us excel as powerfully as we can in our lives.   

More and more people are turning towards spiritual healing centres, in a bid to move away from the stress of life. A well organised spiritual healing retreat such as this can transform a stressed mind to a confident personality.


 The Deep SoulWork Retreat is a nine day intensive in Varanasi, India. This experience will equip the participants to operate powerfully from the soul. This, in a way that takes full advantage of the new energies entering into the world at this time. 

The Deep SoulWork Retreat will initiate spiritual rebirth. And to create the optimal conditions for  life changing  expansion of consciousness.

Why is This  Retreat Different?

What Will You Gain?

Why in Varanasi?

In The Deep SoulWork Retreat. You will gain:


1. A renewed expirence of life itself and a profound sense of rebirth.


2.  A clear and certain knowledge of self at the core of your being. 

3. Practical techniques and ancient skills for managing your life and personal development at the soul level.

4. Knowledge and cultural history of India. As well as key spiritual meanings and principles of ceremonial , ritual practices of Northern India. This is presented to you by local experts.

We Offer

* Yoga  *Meditation  *Varanasi style Message

*Musical Performance  * Pujas Ceremonies

*Temple Visits  *Boat Tours on the Ganges

* Teaching Workshops * Reiki

“Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

Mark Twain

The reason The Deep SoulWork Retreat can only happen here is...

Because Varanasi, Banaras or Kashi is a uniquely Holy City.

Varanasi is an ancient city that is the perfect place to re-engineer one's soul. As well as restructure one's intimate relationship with divinity. 


It is the main place that Hindus acknowledge where ultimate spiritual liberation from all karma may happen. 

Varanasi is understood as a place set apart from the ordinary world. It is known as a special intersection of heaven and earth.

The Deep SoulWork Retreat is different and unique because:

1. It takes place in Varanasi/Banaras/Kashi. The oldest, most holy city in the world. 

2. Video Conference Technology is used to prepare and acclimate the participants weeks before the actual time of the retreat.

3. A significant portion of the retreat program will be personalized and designed for each individual according to their unique spiritual needs. 

4.  The retreat will incorporate the knowledge and wisdom of local priests and pundits. So that the depth of the transformation and learning is greatly amplified. 

5. We strive to be culturally, socially responsible. We operate in a way that is mindful of issues of cultural appropriation and respect for human dignity as we retreat and travel.  

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