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How to Register and Pre-Register

To start your registration process:

 We request that you provide a statement of what you would like to recieve from The Deep SoulWork Retreat. This should also include a bit about your background. As well as some information on your spiritual path so far (just a few paragraphs are sufficient). 

This will help us know if The Deep SoulWork Retreat is right for you at this time. 

We will respond in a timely manner.

The magic of The Deep Soul Retreat begins with the first contact.

Please feel free to bring your questions and concerns about the retreat. We will be happy to answer them. 

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

The cost of the basic Deep SoulWork Retreat

Package is

$1,200 USD

After December 15, 2023

$1,700 USD

This includes:



Walking Tours


Transportation for retreat events and services

Boat Tours

Puja Ceremony

The SoulWork Spiritual Discourse 

We will be happy to answer questions about cost and payment plans for this retreat.  Payment arrangements are made after the registration process. Our intention to to make this experience as accessable as possible. 


The Deep SoulWork Retreat is not a substitute for psychotherapy or qualified medical treatment. Neither is it meant to replace any of the great spiritual traditions. The purpose of this retreat is to support the success of your chosen path of personal growth and spiritual development.

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