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Michael Dove will be conducting this important teaching
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This Project is designed as a powerful spiritual response to the challenges of our times.

The Renaissance Project is a series of intensive spiritual workshops designed by Michael Dove. These dynamic and inspiring  trainings are designed as a solid response to the challenge of surviving successfully in a society that has lost it's way, spiritually, morally, and culturally. As a participant in the Renaissance Project you will be equipped and trained to be the new leadership.


Michael Dove, is a spiritual leader, guide and a gentleman who brings an astonishing view of human nature fully into focus.

Michael’s guidance has generated shifts and inspirations which have brought  greater understanding to many. During the one day workshop , each person has a chance to explore thoughts and feelings about their own challenges and comes away with a renewed sense of understanding and joy about themselves and the plans for their life.

This workshop is a spiritual retreat – a rejuvenation, both  a safe and supportive experience – not scary .  It is a special opportunity to explore the deepest aspect of ourselves – our souls. Michael will open the workshop experience with an orientation talk. He will speak on the soul. how to understand, support and navigate this place which is a challenge for all of us to find and understand in our busy , active focused lives. This information will be enriched by actual individual and group experiences.

This day will include understanding the Process of Collective Soul Retrieval. In this segment Michael will share profound information about group and societal level healing. As well as historical perspectives, little known esoteric principals healthy cultural functioning. Many have found this teaching to be positively life changing.

We shall connect in a natural manner through guided meditation and visualization. We do this in order to enter into the great conversation of the natural world. Individual time will be available for each participant to receive a short intuitive message from Michael Dove. In these sessions any life issue or aria of interest can be explored in depth.

This workshop is not about any particular religion or tradition. While there is a definite structure the experience, it is guided by the spiritual realties, needs  and aspirations of the participants.

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